Best Portable Generators For Construction

Best Portable Generators For Construction 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Running out of power lately? Do you want a backup power source at your new construction site? Why don’t you go for a generator to keep your energy source in line?

Electricity generators are one of the coolest inventions of 21st century. If you fear that you do not want to be left in the dark during a power outage, you should consider getting a generator for sure. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before making your purchase. We have also compiled some of the best portable generators for construction below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Run Time

Always go for a generator that promises maximum runtime at half-load. The longer your generator runs, the lesser you will have to refuel it.

Power Requirement

The size of the generator you are about to buy depends a lot on the appliances you want to power up. The size is determined such as running watts and starting watts. Think about all the appliances you will be running and determine the size of the generator accordingly.


In case there is a chance that you might be moving your generator from one place to another frequently, buy a portable generator. These generators are usually heavy, but they come with foldable wheels that can help you a lot.

So, consider these three things before buying a generator always. We have made some suggestion that you might want to take a look at before you Google your way to your desired generator.

Best Portable Generators For Construction (Comparison)

GeneratorRunning Watts 
WEN 56200i Generator1600 WattsCheck Price
A-iPower SUA12000E Generator9000 WattsCheck Price
Pulsar PG10000B16 Generator8000 Watts (Gas)Check Price


WEN 56200i Generator

Do you remember the time when you had quiet and clean portable power? The WEN 56200i 2000watt invertor generator is here to produce free of voltage spikes clean energy and drops because it doesn’t make the noise all those conventional generators do.WEN 56200i Generator Best Portable Generators For Construction The WEN generates 100 rated watts and 2000 surge watt of power. Their 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine operates at extremely quiet decibels at quarter load and it is quieter than the average conversation or a window air conditioner. This limits its invasiveness while camping, tailgating, hunting and restoring back-up power. This generator limits total harmonic distortion to under 1.2 percent at full load and under 0.3 percent at no load, it is exclusively designed to mirror a pure sine wave. This makes it safe for running cellphones, laptops, tablets, monitors and other sensitive electronics. The ultra-efficient one-gallon tank provides over 6 hours of half-load run time while the lightweight makes for easy portability.

The panel is fully packed, and it comes equipped with one 12V DC receptacle, two three-prong 120V receptacles and one 5V USB port. You can maximize the fuel economy by engaging the WEN 2000-watt invertor generator’s eco-mode throttle. This feature allows the generator, as items are unplugged and plugged from the panel, to automatically adjust the fuel consumption and it also prevents the unnecessary usage of gasoline. In case you require more energy, you can easily link up two generators using a WEN 56421 parallel connection kit that is sold separately if you want to share wattage amongst multiple units. To safeguard both, your generator and your electronics from damage, the low-oil and low-fuel atomically shuts down with indication light along and provides overload protection. Since, this is a WEN product, your generator comes with a 2-year warranty, a friendly customer helpline and a nationwide network of skilled technicians. So, if you want your generator to power up your electronics safely, WEN your answer to look for.

The generator is extremely quiet in operation and you can compare it with to the sound of a normal conversation and that is according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is great for campgrounds, tailgates, power outages and construction sites. If you want a high-powered generator with little to no noise, the WEN 56200i is your go-to product. It prevents damage to vulnerable electronics such as televisions, computers, smartphone and tablets, and produces clean power to operate safely. The package includes two three-prong 120V receptacles, 5V USB port and one 12V DC receptacle.

The generator is compact and very attractive in its design. It comes with a high level of quality and succeeds in being one of the quietest generators available in the market. One feature that some of you may like is the economy mode. Economy mode is engaged via rocker switch and allows the generator to adjust fuel consumption as per the loads. This setting gives you much longer run time with lighter loads.

Every product has a few pros and cons. The WEN 56200i has the following pros and cons you might want to take a look at.

Compact DesignNone That We Could Find
Low Noise
It Adjusts According To Supply & Demand


The WEN 56200i is a smart choice for those who would want their generator to be efficient while producing energy and keep their sensitive electronics saved. The price may be a a bit high but the generator is definitely worth every penny.




A-iPower SUA12000E Generator

Do you need power? The A-iPower SUA12000E is here to deliver it to you. This performance-oriented generator is powered by A-iPower and comes with a 459cc powerful engine, providing you with 12000 watts of starting power and 9000 watts of running power.A-iPower SUA12000E Generator Best Portable Generators For Construction The SUA12000E is the perfect generator when it comes to back-up power for home during emergencies or for construction sites given its size and power output. The generator has an effortless startup because of the keyless one-touch button for an electric start, the feature makes it one of the easiest to start generators available out there. Added protection and safety under damp conditions is provided by the GFCI protected outlets. Strength and protection of this generator has been amplified because of 1-1/4in heavy duty full frame, making it one of the strongest generators being used for power production.

The generator is combined with efficient, high output alternator which utilized the same design and technology found in more expensive brand name products. This design provides you with the greatest peak wattage for starting your appliances and motor-driven tools because of the 25 years of experience and reliability. The generator has an easy-to access and use, ergonomically angled control panel that provides you with user-friendly, easy and visibility to the panel.

In order to use with adapter and for your convenience, the unit has DC adapter plug for charging battery. The iPower generator can charge up TV, pump, lights, refrigerator, fans, and air conditioner that too all at the same time. It has the capability to run over 4 to 5 tools. With a large 7-gallon heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank with built in fuel gauge, the generator provides a run time of 9 hours at 50% load averagely and it operates at 78dBA.

The starting watts are 12,000 whereas the running watts once the electricity has powered up are 9000. It comes with a 1.2-inch dia that’s a rigid tubular steel frame with a silver-grey powder coat finish. 9 hours of run time at 50% load is provided by the 7.0-gallon large heavy duty all steel construction fuel tank. The generator also has 9.5inch large never-flat when that are specifically designed for heavy duty loads and improves traction mobility over rough terrain creating an effortless move. Added protection and safety under damp conditions is provided by the GFCO protected outlets feature. The package includes DC charging cables and a cord protective cover that keeps all the wires concealed and provides protection and neat appearance.

The product is protected thoroughly and will perform its best condition even during the hardest weather conditions. It powers up your appliances nicely and you can run almost every home appliance on this while it runs. This generator can become your biggest companion during the toughest situations.

Every product has a few pros and cons and this one does too. Read ahead at some of the pros and cons of this product enlisted below.

Great PowerSize & Weight
Easy To Move
Handles Tough Conditions


The iPower generator is a beast when it comes to providing energy for 10 consecutive hours. It is easy to move, comes with great power source and is perfect for tough weather conditions like hurricanes or thunderstorms. It is great pick for construction sites as well.




Pulsar PG10000B16 Generator

Are you worried who is going to keep you out of the dark during the next power outage? Pulsar’s PG 10000B16 is at your service and to get you through the darkness.Pulsar PG10000B16 Generator Best Portable Generators For Construction The generator comes with a dual feature, yes you heard it right! You can run this generator on both, gasoline and liquid propane. It provides you with more options if there is a case or event of a natural disaster, so you can have a better peace of mind. The product features a 420cc 15HP single cylinder and a 4-stroke OHV engine produces 10,000 peak watts and 8000 running watts on gas along with 9,000 peak watts and 7000 running watts on LPG.

If you are running large appliances and other electronic devices, it as an ideal source of power so you can comfortably weather the storm. The PG10000B16 comes with a convenient switch and go-technology feature that allows you to switch between fuel sources seamlessly and without skipping a beat. It also features never-flat wheels, a durable steel frame and drop-down handles that make storage and maneuvering easier than ever. So, if you power to perform and convenience of portability, the Pulsar PG10000B16 has everything that you have been looking for.

The large 6.6-gallon fuel tank provides with up to 12 hours of continuous operation at half load when running on gasoline. With the help of switch and go technology, the generator allows you to transition between LPG and gasoline fuel sources while the generator is operationalizing. You can get this generator up and running without a hassle by the electric push start with recoil backup.

The generator is able to project both gasoline and LPG features very nicely. You can use it on either fuel sources and it is going to work great on both. It also provides maximum power supply and does not harm vulnerable home appliances. Great for construction sites and manual use. It can provide you power for up to 10 hours and every time, you will say a thank you prayer for choosing this generator.

Like all the products, this one also comes with a few pros and cons as enlisted below.

Runs On Gas & LPGReports Of Electric Power Button Start To Malfunction After Some Time
Great Output
Amazing Quality


The Pulsar’s masterpiece, PG10000B16 is one of a kind generator and it provides great output for all the power appliances. You can use it in rough conditions and the dual feature of this generator just makes this device all worth it.



So, these were a few generators that you can consider for construction sites. Let us know what do you think about the products in the comments below.



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