Butt Transplants & Injections Side Effects

Like any other surgery, side effects can be expected when one undergoes a butt implant. There are two types of butt implants; those that are made from solid silicone or else, those made from cohesive silicone gel. The surgeon will recommend the most suitable choice for the patient. The patient needs to make sure to choose a surgeon that can be trusted. The surgeon should be qualified and experienced in these types of surgeries. Looking up his or her past patients’ reviews is a good way of ascertaining the results attained from surgeries that that surgeon performed. You need the peace of mind that you are going to have someone whom you can trust, because this is a surgery after all. A good way to reduce the possibility of side effects is to ensure that the surgeon you choose is a trustworthy and reputable one. There are countless cases of buttock implants gone wrong so you have to be aware.

Sadly there are plastic surgeons who are not certified and who use foreign substances in butt implants, such as hydrogels, free silicone, paraffin, petroleum jelly, oils and saline. When the silicone is in liquid form it is very dangerous. Free silicone injections may cause a series of complications, including inflammations, infections, pulmonary embolism, problems with the kidney functions, bumps under the skin, bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, and uneven or asymmetrical results these things happen in many cases of buttock injections gone wrong. Besides, it is important to note that when liquid silicone is injected in the body it can very easily migrate to other areas, as it is ultimately liquid in its free from, and not contained in any way. Some problems in such cases include allergic reactions, severe joint pain and chronic fatigue. Cellulitis, persistent skin infections, skin dimpling and disfigurement can also result from industrial grade silicone used in injections. Moreover, depending on the type of silicone that is injected, there could be infections which would need to be treated with antibiotics, and later, with surgery so as to remove it.

Unfortunately there can be no guarantee that you will not experience any side effects. This procedure needs to be done under anaesthesia, and a negative reaction to the anaesthesia can be expected in some cases. Some of the more problematic difficulties that are experienced by patients who undergo a butt implant procedure include infection and bleeding. This is often a result of improper post-operative care. There is also the possibility of the butt implant shifting or rotating. In order to avoid the possibility of the implants rupturing, it is important to opt for semi-solid silicone rubber implants as these will neither leak nor rupture. Another risk is nerve damage due to pressure being made on the sciatic nerve better to avoid your case of buttock augmentation gone wrong and opt for natural buttocks enhancement.The surgeon will surely be cautious, but there is always a chance that there might be asymmetry. One may even notice some drooping in time, or a rather unnatural feel and appearance. Many surgeons prefer to place the implant under or in the gluteus maximus muscle, because in this location the chances that the implant is visible or quite palpable are lessened. There is also a lower chance that the implant sags or shifts over time.

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