Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation

Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Do you plan on buying a new office chair because the previous one doesn’t feel that comfortable anymore? Long office hours require a lot of stamina and strength. In that case scenario, sometimes it happens that the blood circulation in your legs gets interrupted. It is very obvious for you to get tired because of continuously sitting in a single posture. We have compiled some of the best office chairs for leg circulation below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

What you need to do then is change your executive chair and look for something that promises comfort and relaxation. There are numerous executive chairs now available in the market. All you need to do is look for the one that will suit you needs best. We have come up with a few recommendations in this domain for you. But there are a few things that you must keep in mind before buying a chair for your office use. Read on and find out;

Adjustable Height

The chair you are looking to buy needs to have adjustable height, so you can rest your feet on the ground or pull it up as the situation requires. For maximum comfort you should be able to align your thighs horizontally to the ground. So always look for height adjustable chairs.

Depth & Width

If you want to sit comfortably in your office chair, you need to have the right depth and width. Look for deeper seat if you are tall in height and shallow one if you are short. It will ease your comfort during the long work hours.

Lumbar Support

Any office chair that is worth spending money on must offer it’s user lumbar support. It is a back rest that provides user’s body with comfort and support. With this contoured back rest you the user will not get tired or will feel any backache.

These were a few things that you need to consider before buying an executive chair. So, following are a few of our recommendations if you are looking for an executive chair for leg circulation.

Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation (Comparison)

Office ChairWeight Capacity 
LCH Executive Office Chair400 lbsCheck Price
Merax Inno Series Executive Chair225 lbsCheck Price
KADIRYA Executive Office Chair250 lbsCheck Price


LCH Executive Office Chair

If you are looking for an executive chair that can help you get through the entire day, then LHC’s new bonded leather office chair is something you need to look for.LCH Executive Office Chair Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation This executive chair comes upholstered in bonded leather that provides you an optimal comfort sitting experience. It has a high back which provides you with maximum lumbar support for convenience and comfort. This executive chair has waterfall seat edge and soft thickening padding for less pressure on the back of your legs and it keeps you comfortable even if you have to sit down for longer hours.

If you are comparing this chair with other traditional office chairs, you are mistaken. This chair is more wide and comfortable as compared to them and it has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. The pneumatic gas lift of this chair can be adjusted up to 75mm. it comes with an ergonomic and adjustable design. The adjustable settings include a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight and adjustable lumbar support. The chair also supports a lock mechanism and tit control. Remember the chairs that used to lean backward and forward even when you were had adjusted the seat right. That is not the case here anymore. You can now it periodically lean back as you work because of the seat and the back-locking feature. There is a great tilt tension knob beneath the chair seat that control the ease and rate of the recline.

This is a complete risk-free purchase. you can easily assemble it once it arrives. The company has promised that there is no hassle while putting this chair together. They have strong faith on their executive chair and bonded leather and believe that this product is one of the best out there. However, once the product arrives and you are not really convinced with its performance, the company promises you a complete refund. Isn’t that great?

The chairs of LCH are backed by one-years warranty claims so in case there is an issue with the chair over this period of time, you can just let them know and they will ensure that they provide you with a risk-free shopping experience. The company is great when it comes to customer support and they have made sure all their customers become returning customers. The chair is in itself really good and comes with additional comfort that most of the chairs of this range don’t offer.

The product comes with the following pros and cons.

Bonded Leather ChairDoesn’t Move Well On The Carpets
Great Design
Highly Comfortable


If you have any kind of leg problem and you are looking for a chair that allows blood circulation throughout the day, this product is highly recommended. The design is definitely corporate and works great for long office hours.



Merax Inno Series Executive Chair

Merax Inno Series executive chair is the chair you all have been looking for.Merax Inno Series Executive Chair Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation It comes with a soft headrest and a thick padded armrest for great comfort. The chair is masterly sealed in quality PU leather that is fade resistant and is formatted for seamless spot cleaning. This is an advanced ergonomic design that allows for easy relaxation and rest with a thick padded footrest. The chair is constructed with thick padding thoroughly and comes along with a heavy-duty chrome finished base and durable wheel casters because the function of manufacturing this chair was maximum sturdiness and structure for the user.

Merx Inno provides you with a quality office chair that has both tremendous aspects, it is comfortable and comes with a classic style for any professional or homely environment. The Inno Series has both, superior structure and refined look that can withstand regular use and is long lasting. It is outfitted with high quality PU leather and it has a soft glossy finish. This executive chair excels in appearance and comfort both that makes it an all in one chair that satisfies all your needs. Inno chair has a unique adjustable lumbar cushion and 180-degree reclining feature complete with a safeguard tilt locking system that allows you to customize your seating experience just as you like. It was designed innovatively and to make sure that it enhances comfort as its top priority.

The product features adjustable pivoting lumbar support in a number of positions for constant heightened comfort inducing support. The chair has a maximum reclining angle of 180 degrees and comes with a safeguard tilt locking mechanism and allows stress free napping during long work hours in your home or office. Durability of this chair is increased by the perfect edge dual stitching and it adds a luxurious and elegant dimension to the chair. The appearance of this chair is glossy and soft given the PU leather is of high quality and provides a smooth sitting surface. This is a heavy-duty chair and its base is built with durable casters for great stability and it has a weight capacity of 225lbs.

The chair will be delivered to you right within the given period of time. The unboxing and assembling is very easy. You can get done with it within minutes. If you want a chair with a high back support for your neck, this product certainly fulfills that requirement of yours. Not to mention, it comes with a lot of adjustable settings and the style is very unique, thus making it to the list of highly recommended chairs.

This chair comes with a few pros and cons as enlisted below.

Thoroughly PaddedArmrests Are Not Wide
Wide Headrest
Separate Footrest


If you want a chair that is unique in style and sleek in design, provides an amazing appearance and is great to use. This product will certainly fulfill a lot of your requirements. The chair is thoroughly padded making it one of the most comfortable chairs available in the market.



KADIRYA Executive Office Chair

If you are looking for the most comfortable and easy to use office chair in the market, KADIRYA High Back Bonded Chair is something that you need to look out for.KADIRYA Executive Office Chair Best Office Chairs For Leg Circulation It is a upholstered bonded leather office chair that is going to provide you with the ultimate comforting experience while you are working for long hours. The chair has a high back design that gives you maximum lumbar support for comfort and convenience. It also has waterfall seat edge and soft padding for less pressure on the back of your legs, so you can stay comfortable even when you are working throughout the day.

This chair also comes with the tilt lock and tension control technology. The maximum reclining angle of this chair is 120 degrees and you lean back to rest as you work periodically as well. An amazing tilt tension knob is placed beneath the seat of this chair to control the ease and rate of the recline. The flip-up arms is a new feature and it offers an arm-less swivel chair option. Now you do not have to detach anything, and it will allow your arms and shoulder to have the comfort and support they require very easily.

Merax Inno has a swivel rate of 360-degree and it has heavy-duty nylon base and nylon smooth rolling casters for great mobility and stability. The maximum weight capacity of this chair is 250lbs and it is BIFMA certified which means, the standard of this chair is reliable and sturdy. It is a risk-free purchase and the company send you a pair of gloves as a gift. They also provide you installation videos to know how you can assemble it yourself. They back your satisfaction by providing a risk-free 30 days and one-year warranty against any defects.

The product comes with the following pros and cons.

Soft LeatherHard To Assemble
Great Appearance
Well Cushioned


This is easily the most comfortable office chair that you will find on the internet. The leather is extremely soft, and it is well-cushioned in all the right places. The lumbar support is perfect, and the material of the frame is very sturdy, and it is of high-quality. All in all, the chair is worth buying.



These were a few of our recommendation regarding best office chairs for leg circulation. If you have any queries that you would like answered, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.



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