Food That Make Your Butt Bigger

What To Eat To Get a Bigger Buttocks Fast? 

There are many ways by which you can increase your buttocks size. There are natural ways that we have discussed earlier and there are buttocks injections and surgeries that we have also discussed earlier. When it comes to naturally increasing your butt size you have to be clear about one thing that a lot of things have to work in collaboration each other to produce results. You can’t opt for any butt enhancement cream and would start expecting miracles happening overnight and women searching for a way to how to get a bigger butt in a week well it doesn’t work like that. You have to go through a proper way for natural buttocks enhancement. We have already discussed the small waist big hips workout aka. Bigger buttocks exercises and the butt enhancement cream that can go along here we are going to discuss something further that along with the other two will produce natural results and long lasting results without any side effects for you to suffer.

Now if you do opt for the exercises that will make your bum bigger we have shared them with you, you will need to understand two things first. There are two phases to your buttock muscles becoming stronger and bigger. The first phase will be you working your buttock muscles out by performing different exercises. Now what those exercises will do is that they will break those muscle fibres for the second phase to operate. Those broken muscle fibres will then be repaired with sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats intake. When they repair those fibres will become bigger and more stronger. This tear and repair process will enhance your butt. This exercise regime along with butt enhancement creams and proper diet will give you results.

The second phase to the above mentioned information is the diet. Now when you are going through all that workout regime and breaking those muscle fibres to grow, when you don’t provide proper nutrition to your body your muscles will not repair and your buttocks will not grow bigger. If you eat too much you will just accumulate fat in your body. So what you have to do is eat healthy and eat as per requirement of your body. Below I will be listing foods categorized according to macro nutrients and the compositions for your convenience. What you will have to do is just swap foods with your body requirement whether you want to gain weight, lose weight or just maintain weight with just butt enhancement in your mind.

You will be provided with foods for bigger butt which will be divided into macro nutrient foods. Combining these macro nutrient foods you will divide them over your daily meals and your body will be telling you when they are required you’ll feel the need with your appetite.

Macro Nutrients for Bigger Enhanced Buttocks

Your macro nutrients will be divided into three types
• Proteins
• Carbohydrates
• Fats


Proteins are the most essential macro nutrients of all to your body if you want that enhanced and bigger buttock. The most common misunderstanding of the high protein intake and protein shakes is that they are only for the bodybuilders to consume. If you are exercising and those muscle fibres are tearing up you need good protein intake for them to repair and grow. Not only that protein intake is necessary for optimal function of the human body. High Protein diet also helps in burning fat of your body.
Protein lay a solid foundation for the growth of muscles in your body. Recommended normal protein intake is around 15g to 30g of protein intake per meal. Drinking protein shakes post workout and in between meals is a good balanced protein intake for your body during the day. Apart from protein shakes there are natural sources of protein from the daily foods we use.

Some of Protein Enriched Foods are listed below:

• Eggs (6g Protein per 1 Large Egg)
• Skinless Chicken Breasts (29g Protein per 100g)
• Salmon (20g Protein per 100g)
• Tuna (20g Protein per 100g)
• Tilapia (21g Protein per 3oz)
• Cottage Cheese Non-Fat (32g Protein per 100g)
• Turkey (29g Protein per 100g)
• Protein Powder (24g Protein per Scoop Avg.)
• Steak (23g Protein per 3oz)
• Navy Beans (20g Protein per 1 Cup Serving)
• 95% Lean Ground Beef (18g Protein per 3oz)
• Dried Lentils (13g Protein per ¼ Cup Serving)


Carbohydrates are known to have a bad name when it comes to diet and what you put in your body research show otherwise. Carbs are not necessarily bad for you it’s all about the intake form and quantity. Carbohydrates are your friends, they fuel your body for physical and mental function. If your body is low on carbohydrates your body will not be able to operate on optimum levels. So if you are going to the goal of how to get bigger hips and smaller waist then your body will need fuel to achieve it and good carbohydrate foods are listed below with their compositions.

Healthy Carbohydrates Rich Foods:

• Spelt (51.3g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Kamut (47.5g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Brown Rice (45.8g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Wild Rice (35g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Quinoa (39.4g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Pink Beans (47.2g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• White Beans (44.9g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Kidney Beans (40.4g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Chickpeas (27.4g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Split Peas (41.4g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Sweet Corn (31.3g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Beets (17g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Carrots (12.8g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Banana (22.8g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Mango (50.3g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Pears (27.1g Carbohydrates per 100g)
• Apples (25.1g Carbohydrates per 100g)


There is a very common misunderstanding among the people with very limited knowledge that consuming fat rich foods can make you fat and that is very much not true at all. Eating unhealthy and high carbohydrates intake can lead to accumulation of fat in your body. Research show that healthy fat intake can lead to better vascular and overall body functionality not only that it can help you lose fat off of your body. Some of the good fat enriched foods are listed below along with their composition.

Good Fat Foods:

• Avocados (23g Fat per 1 Medium Sized Avocado)
• Nuts (11.25g Fat per ¼ Cup Recommended)
• Black Olives (15g Fat per Cup)
• Olive Oil (14g Fat per Tablespoon)
• Flaxseed (48g Fat per Cup)
• Tofu (6g Fat per 3oz)
• Eggs (5g Fat per Egg)

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