Best Sound Systems For SUV

Best Sound Systems For SUV 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Travelling isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and patience especially if you are going on long routes. So, who is your constant companion while you are traveling? If it’s something you are listening, it needs to sound good especially if it is going to be your only companion.

Most of the factory stereos, built inside your car aren’t that good and they do not provide quality sound. So, if you are planning to make them good or buy a new stereo system, there are things that you should be aware of beforehand.

Sound systems are complicated and if not paid attention, they will not perform well. So, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when you step into the market to buy a new stereo system for your car.


First and foremost, thing to do is to determine your budget. You will find hundreds of products in the market and it is your choice what you pick, completely depending on your budget. You should consider your requirement and determine how much you are willing to spend.


Your budget will not only determine your requirement but vice versa. As mentioned, there are numerous types of stereo system available in the market. Determine if you want a package deal or would you like to customize it yourself. What are the specifications you are looking for exactly?


We are sure you have friends. It is always preferred that you get recommendations from those who have purchased stereo systems before. They can suggest which brand to choose or where to find your product. They will also tell you if a certain stereo that you were willing to buy works great or not.


If you are going to the market, chances are you will be able to get demos of products. That is always the best shot for buying products, especially electronics. You can check stereo’s performance beforehand and see if it is up to your standard or not. This is another reason why it is always considered to choose electronics physically instead of ordering them online. But in case you order them online, always look at the reviews before making your purchase.

Compare Products

Always compare products before you make a purchase. Up till now, you must have gone and searched through numerous products. Now it is time for you to make a list and compare them with each other. Compare their specifications, price and performance. Choose the one that not only fits your requirements but also your budget.

These were a few tips that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead and make your purchase. It will help you while choosing the right product and your money won’t be lost.

If you are thinking about getting recommendations for SUV stereos, we have put in some extra effort and we have made a list of the products that you can choose from. These are one of the finest stereo systems available in the market and are one of our favorites.  So, if you are looking for a sound system for your SUV, these are a few considerations that you can take a look at.

Best Sound Systems For SUV (Comparison)

Sound SystemWeight 
Kenwood KDC-BT32 Sound System12.25 lbsCheck Price
Kenwood KMM-BT222U Sound System9 lbsCheck Price
Pioneer DEH-150MP Sound System6 lbsCheck Price


Kenwood KDC-BT32 Sound System

The name says it all, this is KDC-BT32 CD receiver from Kenwood that comes with built-in amplifier with Bluetooth AM/FM radio player.Kenwood KDC-BT32 Sound System Best Sound Systems For SUV Most of the people have this question that why should they change their stereo systems once they have bought a car? We tell you, most of the factory stereos are common and do not provide you with great performance. Buying a new car stereo is going to offer you with more grand features and stylish controls.

For building an exciting audio system in your car, most car stereos offer built-in options and features that add fun to life in your car and more safety including new inputs for your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity for your hands-free cell phone calls and amplifying the quality of sound. KDCBT362U offers you with such new features as well that includes CD slot alongside an easy to read display variation of single that lets you know which track is on. AUX in line or USB plug to charge your phone while you are driving, or you can use any other media devices, iHeart Radio or Pandora that you can listen to through your Bluetooth and also use your Bluetooth to answer hands-free calls and ensure your safety. The sound system also comes with new Android Open Accessory protocol that will allow you control Android phone-based content.

The product features 6X9 speakers, 3-way car audio speakers and the model is KFC-6965S sport series, 3 band EQ and drive equalizer, peak power handling that handles 800 watts per pair and 400 watts each alongside RMS power handling that is 90 watts per pair / 45 watts each, the impedance is 4ohms and sensitivity is 92 dB.  The frequency response of this device is 30 – 22k Hz and comes with a polypropylene woofer with cloth surround along with 2 PEI cone tweeters and 1/2 ceramic super tweeter.

The speakers of this stereo system have great sound and they come with all the necessary wires. You can do a number of customizations in this stereo system just as you please. It can run up to 5 Bluetooth devices and saves settings for AM/FM radio playback very efficiently.

Every product has a few pros and cons and this one does too, a few of them are mentioned below.

Performance OrientedClock Malfunctions At Times
Great Brand
Quality Sound


All in all, the stereo system’s functionality is great and works best for SUVs. Kenwood is known for making performance-oriented product and this stereo surely marks a leap.



Kenwood KMM-BT222U Sound System

Kenwood is the best stereo system provider for cars when it comes to quality sound and great performance.Kenwood KMM-BT222U Sound System Best Sound Systems For SUV KMM-BT222U is another one of it’s amazing products and it comes in bundle package deal.

The package includes 4 speakers in total such as single DIN Bluetooth in-dash car stereo, 1 pair of JVC CSDR6930 6 x 9 1000W 3-way factory upgrade coaxial car stereo speakers, 1 Enrock 50-foot 16g wire for speakers and 1 pair of JVC CSDR620 DR series 300 watts 6.5 2-way coaxial car audio speakers. The car stereo system offers easy control, Bluetooth connectivity, great sound and a compact chassis which makes this receiver a great and impeccable choice for any vehicle. You can now plug in your iPhone or iPod into front panel of USB input and listen to your playlist on the go. With the use of AUX and USB device, you can now listen to your favorite audio by accessing Spotify and Pandora. With the remote app, you can now tune into your stereo with help of your phone and the 13-band EQ gives you the sound you like.

JVC’s CS-DR6930 6×9 3-way speakers provide you with an affordable solution. These low-profile speakers offer you strong audio performance with good power handling doesn’t matter what the condition of your car life is, the speakers are bound to provide you with consistent performance. The balanced dome PEL tweeter is going to increase your sound’s clarity phenomenally. The speakers are made to give a sloid boost to your sound quality even if you connect them with your factory radio.

The 2-way speakers generally feature 6.5 DR series 2-way coaxial speakers that are the perfect factory upgrade. The power handling of these speakers is 600 watts per pair at peak and 300 watts each when consistent. The performance of the speakers is long lasting. It doesn’t malfunction and has strong in-built capacity. Highly affordable and can handle tough car situations as well.

The product comes with a few pros and cons as listed below.

Stereo Works GreatSpeakers May Malfunction After Some Time
Impeccable Sound
Easy To Install


All in all, the sound quality of the speakers is amazing, and it comes with great reception. The amplifier works great, and it is the best option if you want to keep using your factory radio. The overall quality is topnotch and it very easy to use.




Pioneer DEH-150MP Sound System

Pioneer is one of those brands that is known for its quality production and outstanding sound.Pioneer DEH-150MP Sound System Best Sound Systems For SUV Here comes another one of their all-time on top products, the DEH-150 comes with in-dash AM/FM, MP3, CD receiver with remote single-line, compliant amplifier and multi-segmented LCD display with LED back light which is 35% larger this time.

The power output is 50 watts x 4 channels at peak and RMS is 14 watts x 4 channels. The stereo also comes with detachable face plate with anti-dust design and theft-deterrent along with a wireless remote. The CD text information can be shown on the LCD display that will show you the information of the title, album and artist. The stereo also comes with 1-year sonic electronix warranty playback and the audio features playback of CD-R, CD, CD-RW, WAV, WMA, MP3, and AM/FM tuner with 18FM/6AM presets.

The stereo has built-in advanced sound retriever for compressed audio enhancement shock protection and 5-band parametric equalizer with 7 selectable tone curves. The stereo is also Pandora compatible so now you can listen to your favorite audio on the go. Comes with warranty and it is of amazing quality. The speakers work great and you can install them yourself, rest assure they will never blow. The product comes just as described in the picture and the sound quality is great with bass as well.

So, like all the products, this one also comes with a few pros and cons as listed below.

Easy To UseEQ Sometimes Squeals
Self Installation Is Easy
Great Sound Quality


If you are looking for a stereo system that is not just of great quality but also comes in an affordable price, this one is your go to product. It is highly affordable, performance is great and does not malfunctions. Offers great features and you can install it yourself.




The Sound Systems we have on here for SUVs are among the best available on the market today. If they have any reported issues, they have been mentioned in this publication. We hope this article was able to help you guys out when it comes to choosing a stereo system for your SUV. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below.



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