Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler

Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Are you planning to reinstall the stereo system of your Wrangler? Here are a few suggestions that you can make use of before you move ahead with your reinstallation.

We all know that the market has evolved and now there are numerous read-to-install stereo systems available in the market that you can easily just buy and install in your car, all set to go. But what if we tell you that there is way through which you can make your audio playback experience even more amazing than before?

Yes, you can go for customizing products instead of just going for a single stereo system. You can design it up yourself and add different combination of product to enhance your experience and draw out maximum potential from a car stereo system. We have designed the best sound system for Jeep Wrangler below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at it. And here are a few reasons to why customizing your stereo system in your vehicle is the best choice you will make.

Design Your Entire System

The first and foremost benefit of customizing your car stereo is that you get to design the entire system all by yourself right according to your preference. Instead of buying readymade, you choose your own speakers, your own choice of amplifier, equalizer and woofers. This gives you the advantage of keeping your own requirements at hand and designing it accordingly.

Enhanced Experience

The customization process may cause a lot of hassle but it sure will all worth it. You can nuance the littlest peaks of the audio playback. You can increase the bass of your audio playback according to your own need instead of just going with preset that was designed by the manufacturer. You get to have a more enhanced experience of not just audios but videos as well.

Not all of us like the woofer we got alongside the coaxial speaker that we liked. Or not all of us are satisfied with the amplified given to us in a package deal just because we like the design of the stereo system. You get to choose every single component and you can choose it according to your need. You can even check any product off from the list if you feel it is not of use to you.

Designing a stereo system isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and research. So, if you are looking for a customized stereo system for your jeep, here is the best combination that someone can come up for you.

Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler (Comparison)

Alpine Electronics X109-WRA Dash System9.5 lbsCheck Price
JL Audio JX400/4D Car Amplifier5.85 lbsCheck Price
JBL CLUB6520 Coaxial Car Speaker3.55 lbsCheck Price
Polk Audio DB6501 Component System5 lbsCheck Price


Alpine Electronics X109-WRA Dash System

X109-WRA 9-inch restyle dash system features the largest aftermarket screen and is Alpine engineered exclusively for jeep wrangler.Alpine Electronics X109-WRA Dash System Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler This is a multi-featured system that consists of a fitted dash bezel and screen alongside large buttons to give it a factory look. The head unit comes with strong features that includes capacitive touch screen ensuring you are just a swipe away from amazing features like Bluetooth/source selection, audio/video, navigation, rear seat entertainment settings and audio settings. You can also get the rear seat entertainment system that is sold separately. With the help of Alpine KAC-001 External Accessory Controller, you can turn X109-WRA into a touch screen control hub that can control up to eight jeep accessories for you.

If you plan to buy this, you will also enjoy all the audio sources like HD radio that is designed specifically for iPod and iPhone, audio streaming, music control, SiriusXM compatibility, Pandora control from and iPhone and Android Smartphone along with high quality music playback from FLAC files through USB. The video features come with a WVGA screen and HDMI input for connecting to HDMI-enabled devices. You can now make or receive calls using Bluetooth wireless technology and also view ID of caller on the screen. It also retains select vehicle features and controls steering wheel and voice-activated media player as well. This head unit is authorized to be sold and shipped by Amazon itself. You can visit the webstore of Alpine USA and locate any store nearby for professional installation.

Alpine is one of the premium companies of USA, providing quality products and this one is another edition into their long list of amazing products. The navigation system works great, and it also has an amazing reception for controlling other jeep accessories. The capacitive touchscreen makes it extremely easy to use it. All you need to do is just swipe away on the screen and control your vehicle and all the audio/video settings.

This device has some pros and cons like all other devices as mentioned below.

Capacitive Touch ScreenMalfunctions At Times
Compatible With Jeep Accessories
Navigation Feature


All in all, the head unit is great if you plan on customizing with other combination of products. Its reception is great and can be used by jeep wranglers very efficiently.




JL Audio JX400/4D Car Amplifier

Looking for an amplifier? JX400 sure stands out in the long list of potential products.JL Audio JX400/4D Car Amplifier Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler It is a clean, powerful and hi-pitch amplifier. The power of this amplifier is too good to be true and it is highly affordable. If you did a combination of this product with the right system, the amplifier can do wonders.

Let’s talk about some specifications of this product. It comes with RMS power rating (14.4V) that is 4 ohms i.e. 70 watts x 4 chan. The input sensitivity for low level input is 200mV – 4V and for high level input is 2.0mV – 10.0V. The amplifier comes with 3-way protection circuitry that is thermal, overload, and speaker short protection. The amplifier has a fuse rating of 40A x 1 inline (not supplied) and the dimensions are 7.68″ width x 9.05″ length x 2.09″ height.

If you want to buy an amplifier that is in minimal budget and can charge up your stereo system for the better, this amplifier is your go-to product. It is efficient, easy to use and highly performance oriented. The company takes guarantee of the product and you can get it fixed if it malfunctions at some point.

Like every product, this one also comes with a few pros and cons as enlisted below.

Budget FriendlyNone That We Could Find
Power Packed
Easy To Use


JX400 is highly affordable and power packed amplifier. One that is great in performance and if you customize it with the list of products that we have provided, you will achieve the maximum results out of it.




JBL CLUB6520 Coaxial Car Speaker

This is another one of the great coaxial car speakers available in the market. The speakers are of high sensitivity and provide great volume.JBL CLUB6520 Coaxial Car Speaker Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler CLUB6520 provides you with excellent treble and mid-range, is extremely efficient and you will get good volume out of its watts. They are 3 Ohm, so even with cheap thin factory wiring it will help pull the power it should from your factory deck by settling at a final load about 4 Ohm.

If you want a tight mid bass with crisp high notes, this product is the one for you. however, if you are going to install this product by yourself, you need to play close attention to its installation. The product comes with a user manual that has drawing on a sheet of paper. Understand those drawings correctly and then go ahead with the installation.

Like all other products, this one also comes with pros and cons as enlisted below.

Easy To UseInstallation Not Easy
Great Quality
Performance Oriented


One of the finest speakers available in the market but if you plan on installing them by yourself, make sure that you follow the user manual correctly. If you customize it with Alpine products, the performance will surely be optimized.



Polk Audio DB6501 Component System

This new series of Polk is better than ever before. It comes with better sound and superior looks at an extremely affordable price.Polk Audio DB6501 Component System Best Sound System For Jeep Wrangler This makes high performance coaxial car speakers in range of everyone. A 6.5-inch two-way component system, db6501 works well in OEM factory systems along with component power amps and high-powered aftermarket head units.

The products introduced by Polk Audio this time are all marine certified. They have gone rigorous tests so that it can rest assure that these products will withstand even the toughest environments which means they are perfect for using in all types of boats. Polk Audio Speakers are being offered in award-winning Nautiques and wakeboarding boats by Correct Craft because of it being marine certified.

The product comes with 25mm liquid-cooled s silk/polymer composite dome tweeter with neodymium magnet provide clear, detailed highs. Placement flexibility is allowed by flush and surface mount swivel cups for soundstage optimization in any vehicle.

A dynamic balance polymer/mica composite mineral-filled cone, which is stiff yet lightweight is featured in 6.5-inch woofer for big sound with little to no distortion. The product also features a butyl rubber surround that is not going to fall even under the pressure of extreme temperatures. Even UV rays and longtime usage is not going to hurt the rubber butyl. The woofer’s low-mass, two-layer 25mm Kapton voice coil former ensures high power handling and great reliability. Finally, the backbone–a rock solid, acoustically inert stamped steel basket finished in rustproof Gun Metal Gray.

The overall frequency response of the system is 35Hz-23kHz and nominal impendence is 4 Ohms. The power handling when in continuous exposure is 100 watts and during peak exposure is 300 watts. The efficiency of this product is 92 db. The system comes with a one-year warranty provided by Polk Audio. The box of this system contains woofers, crossovers, tweeters, speaker cable, mounting hardware and user manual.

The installation of this product is very easy. You don’t have to put a lot of effort on to it. The kit is well thought out and is extremely low of cost. The sound from the tweeters is extremely clear and it does not explode on its peak. Well powered up and performance oriented.

This product also comes with a few pros and cons, some of them enlisted below.

Easy To InstallWiring Deteriorating Issues
Great Power
Clear Sound


The product needs to be customized well if you want to draw out its maximum potential. The sound quality is enhanced by these coaxial speakers and it will work great for all the jeep wranglers out there.



The sound system components we have on here for Jeep Wrangler are among the best available on the market. We hope you like the combination of product we have put here. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below.



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