Best Phono Preamps Under $200

Best Phono Preamps Under $200 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Sound lovers are always searching for more fun and creative ways to up their sound game. Good Sound quality is loved by almost everyone on this planet which makes it quite a big deal. Using the public’s love of sound, electronic companies never take a rest and are always up to making new products. Just like that Phono preamps are making waves in the audio and sound industry. Phono preamps are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays. That is why we have compiled for our readers best phono preamps under $200 below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Vinyl playback systems are all the rage nowadays. With vinyl making a comeback in the playback systems, turntables are being used increasingly. Preamplifiers are used to connect a weak electric signal by boosting it into an audible output signal. Preamplifiers are literally used in a hundred sound systems and sound producing products and phono preamps are just another example of them. Phono preamps or phone stages use the same amplification.

Phono preamps or phono stages are one of the most important parts of a vinyl playback system. A phono preamp’s main purpose is to boost the signal coming from our turntable to a level that is enough suitable for connecting it to a sound system, like any other audio system. Phono preamps are bringing quite a change in home listening. Due to their increasing use and popularity nowadays, phono preamps are a top seller in audio equipment. If you want to take your sound playback system quality to the next level, you are surely going to want to invest in one of these beauties.

Any high-quality sound enthusiast who want to convenience themselves for an at home audio listening should put phono preamps on their wish list. This will change the way you choose to listen to your audios. This is an investment that will work out for you and surely, in the long term, will prove to be a useful one. If you are looking to buy a phono preamp to upgrade your sound system, are a sound enthusiast with a penchant for buying all the top, popular sound related systems and are a lover of all things analogue, here are a few side things and features you might want to consider before making your buy:


Turntables are the basic equipment needed for a vinyl sound system setup. Check you turntable before you choose to spend money on phono preamps. Some turntables have phono preamps already built into them. All other components are attached to it.


A cartridge is another component of vinyl playback sound system that you will need in order to set up your audio system. You can either buy them separately or they are sold along with some of the preamps in market. A cartridge will act as a connector in turntables.

Output Device

Your output device is what you will hear your sound through. It can either be active speakers (speakers with a power cord, headphones or a computer. Some phono preamps are sold with an output device and some of them are sold without it.

Grounding Wires

Grounding wires are important and needed for the turntables which are not already equipped with a phono preamp. If grounding wires are not used, a humming or buzzing sound will be produced.

Although phono preamps are rocking the market and are very popular nowadays, buying and assembling these systems along with all components can get very costly. If you are looking for good preamps and don’t have enough to splurge, you have come to the right place. To help you all get your premium home listening experience without selling an arm and leg, we have compiled a list of the best phono preamps that won’t break the bank and that you can easily buy for under 200 dollars, making good sound systems an easily available and accessible commodity. Take a look at the list, list down specifications and be on your way to buy yourself a phono preamp.

Best Phono Preamp Under $200 (Comparison)

Phono PreampWeight 
Cambridge CP1 Phono Preamp2.95 lbsCheck Price
Pro-Ject Phono Box Phono Preamp1.54 lbsCheck Price
Gemtune APPJ PA1501A Tube Preamp5.3 lbsCheck Price
U-Turn Pluto Phono Preamp2.2 lbsCheck Price


Cambridge CP1 Phono Preamp

Cambridge Audio is an established and reliable name in Audio technology with their mission being to produce high quality audio equipment to deliver stellar services in audio technology.Cambridge CP1 Phono Preamp Best Phono Preamps Under $200 This British brand has been delivering excellence in the field of audio equipment since almost 50 years and can be implicitly trusted in all things related to audio which is why we are going to be discussing one of their products, namely the Cambridge Audio CP1 Phono Preamplifier.

Starting with the design, the Cambridge Audio CP1 Phono Preamplifier looks very sleek and functional. It is rectangular in shape with a high shine finish. It weighs about 2.5 pounds and its dimensions are 7 x 11 x 5 inches. It looks crisp, clean and functional. It is not very heavy and has good dimensions making it a good sized product.

To be able to hear naturalism, warmth, and Dynamics from Vinyl LPs when playing a song there is one product: The Cambridge Audio CP1 Preamp. Cambridge Audio CP1.This product provides Moving-Magnet Phono Preamplifier features balance control and impeccable volume with phenomenal prices. Consists of RIAA equalization and nullifies cartridge imbalance. It gives a splendid and quiet performance which is commendable. Transistors are used in its circuits instead of noisy integrated circuits that are used in so many preamps. The use of transistors is a definite upgrade as compared to other preamps. Transistor help reduce the background noise, the buzzing and humming.

In terms of performance, the Cambridge Audio CP1 delivers clarity and purity in unbelievable prices. A solid product good for long term use without much investment, the Cambridge Audio CP1 provides all the traits, specifications of an expensive product with a price of a much cheaper one.

LightweightDoes Not Include RCA Cable
Good Price
Good Quality


If you are looking for good quality like that of high-end products for the price of a cheaper product, this is the preamp you should be looking at.



Pro-Ject Phono Box Phono Preamp

Pro-Ject was founded in 1991 and is an audio equipment company whose mission is to provide its consumers and customers with great quality products including CDs, headphones etc. We are particularly talking about their Phono Box DC.Pro-Ject Phono Box Phono Preamp Best Phono Preamps Under $200

In terms of appearance and design, the Pro-ject Audio Phono Box has a very solid and strong look. It is rectangular in shape with very defined design. It is quite light weight as it weighs only 1.94 pounds with its dimensions being 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches.

The Pro-Ject Phono Box DC is a flexible phono stage. It is used to interface a turntable to a preamplifier. It has an Input Impedance of 47k ohms or 120pf with the noise MM being 86dB and noise MC being 68 db. It also comes with RIAA EQ Curve Accuracy in the range 20 Hz – 20 kHz / max 0.5 dB.

In terms of performance Pro-ject Phono Box is very versatile and delivers quite a good performance providing value for money as it is not very expensive. It is a good product in terms of specification, appearance, price and its working and performance. It is also easy to use. Overall a good product with satisfying stats.

Great Sound QualitySound Of Pops & Clicks
Good Price
Easy Setup


If you are looking for a good quality product with a low price which is light to carry around then this product is for you.



Gemtune APPJ PA1501A Tube Preamp

Gemtune is a manufacturer of quality audio products with dealers worldwide.Gemtune APPJ PA1501A Tube Preamp Best Phono Preamps Under $200 Gemtune has proven to be a haven for sound lovers and has delighted its customers with high quality audio products and equipment. It is a trusted name for sound equipment.

In terms of design, the Gemtune APPJ PA1501A is quite unique and different form other preamps. It consists of two cylindrical structures which are different from regular preamps. It weighs 5.3 pounds with its dimensions being 7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches.

With respect to its specifications, The Gemtune APPJ PA1501A boasts a power Output of 3.5W+3.5W @ 8 ohms and a Frequency Response in the range 30-40Khz (+-1db).Its Input Sensitivity is  500mV whereas Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  measure at about 80dB .The residual noise is negligible at less than 0.5mV AC. The Input Impedance is 10K ohms and the Output Impedance is8/6/4 ohms. The Inputs supports RCA Jacks and for output has banana jacks.6AD10 is relatively late in the history of the tube technology. It is also indirectly heated cathode pole double five – five poles composite tube. This product provides more powerful and soundal, the performance is very good.

As for the performance, this product proves to be quite good and performs really well in spite of being not very expensive. Good noise cancellation and sound quality.

Great QualitySounds Brittle Sometimes
Excellent Price
Good Looking Design


A good choice for a good price. You can’t go wrong with this product. It delivers an excellent quality of sound. This makes it a great buy due to its very affordable price. It has rather unique features which are not present in other phono preamps.



U-Turn Pluto Phono Preamp

U-Turn is a reliable in name in electronics. It has made a reputation of providing good quality products that are easily accessible.U-Turn Pluto Phono Preamp Best Phono Preamps Under $200 We will be discussing the U-Turn Audio Pluto Phono Preamp model in particular which has made it to our list of the best preamps that you can buy under 200$.

In terms of appearance and design, the U-turn Audio Pluto Phono Preamp is nicely made with a good and solid design. The shape is very functional which makes it easy to use. The product has a non-fussy design.

The U-Turn Audio Pluto Phono Preamp is full of features like boasting a Low-noise phono preamp for all MM (moving magnet) cartridges. It comes with High quality components along with elegant circuit design, subsonic filter removes low frequency noise which make it a great buy. Apart from this, it also has precision resistors and WIMA film capacitors that are responsible for delivering detailed and distortion-free sound It has a stainless-steel enclosure that prevents interference. The dimensions for this product are 5.8 x 1.6 x 3.6″ inches. It has a 36dB gain at 1 Khz, <0.005% THD, 90 dB S/N ratio and 100 pF input capacitance. The attention to details in sound quality is unbelievable. This product makes use of the latest tech in sound and sound amplification for listening.

In terms of performance, this product delivers what it promises. It delivers classical outstanding results with little or no faults. This product is a real steal in terms of price and value for money. There is absolutely no buzzing which makes it the product for people who value quality above all.

Good QualityFault With Cartridges Sometimes
Low Price
Easy Setup


If you are not willing to compromise on quality and are looking for noise free audio at an incredibly low price, The U-turn Audio Pluto Phono preamplifier is the preamp you are looking for. It delivers what it promises. No humming or buzzing, clarity in sound, good quality playback and consistent performance are some of this product’s key features.



For people who are into sound and constantly looking for ways to make their sound experience better, phono preamps are the new best thing. They provide a way to use existing turntables to bring quite a revolution in the way you listen to audios and play your sound. For an at home sound experience, phono preamps are probably the most innovative inventions in the market right now paired with vinyl playback system which makes it an absolute must to get one of these this season.Phono preamps are a long-term investment for sound lovers and audio quality seekers. Phono preamplifiers will stay with you a long time giving you access to quality sound playback and won’t go out of trend for quite a while in the near future. The preamps listed in our article deliver quality in affordable prices which make them the best choices if you want to improve your sound experience without breaking the bank. You will probably find a good one in our list that suits your specs and price range.



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