Best Phono Preamps Under $1000

Best Phono Preamps Under $1000 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

Vinyl playback systems are gaining extreme popularity nowadays. With vinyl making a comeback in the playback systems, turntables are being used increasingly as a means of audio playback. Preamplifiers as the name suggest are used to amplify signals; weak electric signals into boosted output signals. Preamps are a common component of many sound systems and systems related to audio and sound producing products. Phono preamps, used along with turntables, are just another example of them. Phono preamps or phone stages use the same amplification. For our readers we have compiled some of the best phono preamps under $1000 budget below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Phono preamps or phono stages are one of the most important parts of a vinyl playback system. A phono preamp’s main purpose is to boost the signal coming from our turntable to a level that is enough suitable for connecting it to a sound system, like any other audio system. Phono preamps are bringing quite a change in home listening. Due to their increasing use and popularity nowadays, phono preamps are a top seller in audio equipment. If you want to take your playback system quality to the next level, you are surely going to want to invest in one of these beauties.

Anyone who geek out about sound quality and looks for high-quality sound equipment to make things convenient for themselves when it comes to audio listening at home should definitely get a phono preamp. Phono preamps can change the way you choose to listen to your audios. This is an investment that will work out for you and surely you won’t regret spending money on it. If you are looking to buy a phono preamp to give your sound system an upgrade, and are enthusiastic about sound quality with a habit of buying popular audio related devices then here are a few things and features you should look into before buying a phono preamp.


Turntables are the basic equipment needed for a vinyl sound system setup. Check you turntable before you choose to spend money on phono preamps. Some turntables have phono preamps already built into them. All other components are attached to it.


A cartridge is another component of vinyl playback system that you will need in order to set up your audio system. You can either buy them separately or they are sold along with some of the preamps in market.

Output Device:

Your output device is what you will hear your amplified sound through. An output device can be anything from your headphone to speakers and even a computer.

Grounding wires:

Grounding wires are also very important when you are setting up your audio system with preamps. Grounding wires are needed for those turntable that do not have a built-in preamp. If grounding wires are not used, a humming or buzzing sound will be produced.

Although phono preamps are rocking the market and are very popular nowadays, buying and assembling these systems along with all components can get very costly. If you are looking for good preamps and don’t have enough to splurge, you have come to the right place. To help you all get your premium home audio listening experience at a good cost, we have assembled a list of preamps under 1000$ that will ensure quality without you having to sell an arm and leg.

Best Phono Preamps Under $1000 (Comparison)

Phono PreampWeight 
LEHMANN Audio Black Cube Phono Preamp3 lbsCheck Price
Vincent PHO 701 Phono Preamplifier2.38 lbsCheck Price
Pro-Ject Tube Box DS24.4 lbsCheck Price


LEHMANN Audio Black Cube Phono Preamp

Lehmann Audio is a well-known and trusted name in electronics committed to the distribution of high-end audio equipment with an affordable price range.LEHMANN Audio Black Cube Phono Preamp Best Phono Preamps Under $1000 Here we are particularly looking at their phono preamp model the Black Cube MM/MC phono preamp.

Starting with the design, the black cube is a small, black colored, cube shaped phono preamp. It is very lightweight and its miniature size is ideal for use. It weighs about 3 pounds with the product dimensions being 12 x 8 x 3 inches.

The Lehmann Black cube is an MM/MC switchable preamp which comes with 4 settings. It enables configurable loading with resistance up to 1000 or 100 ohms. It comes equipped with a custom hard wire loading slot and a passive RIAA network. Lehmann Audio Black Cube Phono Preamp is pretty well known for being one of the best affordable phono stages for consumers. It is a versatile product with great sound quality at a price that makes this product a steal. Its reasonable price paired with the fact that it provides great sound quality is what makes the Lehmann black cube so sought after.

Testing has shown that the Lehmann Black Cube is very fast, with attention to details to the audio quality while providing three-dimensional soundstage. Another quality of this preamp is that it has user-adjustable DIP switches which offer flexible gain and loading options for almost all cartridges which is why this product is so efficient. Another great quality that the Lehmann Black Cube has to offer is the newly developed input stages used in it. These input stages are found in professional and high-grade preamps. It is also equipped with an entirely passive RIAA equalization network along with high precision MKP capacitors. The resistors used are the low noise metal film type that ensure good performance. The switches which are used in this preamp for gain and load settings have gold plated connectors. Due to its small size, the Black Cube can be placed next to your turntable. This helps in minimizing sound loss due to cable lengths.  Lehmann Audio are so popular and trusted in electronics because they always pay special attention to details like the placement of the cable between power supply and audio section is protected. The cases of both the power supply and the audio section that protect them are made of non-magnetic material.

In terms of performance, the Lehmann Black Cube delivers an excellent quality of sound. This makes it a great due to its affordable price.

Good QualityUnreliable Power Supply
Noise Cancellation
Good Size


If you are looking for good quality like that of high-end products for the price of a cheaper product, this is the preamp you should be looking at.



Vincent PHO 701 Phono Preamplifier

Vincent is a reliable in name in electronics. It has made a reputation of providing good quality products that are easily accessible.Vincent PHO 701 Phono Preamplifier Best Phono Preamps Under $1000 We will be discussing the Vincent PHO 701 Phono amplifier model in particular which has made it to our list of the best preamps that you can buy under 1000$.

In terms of design, the Vincent PHO 701 Phono preamp looks sleek and stylish with a shiny black color. It looks quite different from other preamps. Also, it is not that big in terms of size. The product dimension for PHO 701 are 5.17 x 8 x 3.25 inches.

The Vincent PHO 701 phono preamp consists of two chassis mm/mc along with being phono stage. It has Hybrid tube/solid state design with highly regulated power supply in separate chassis. The input ability is: 1x RCA stereo. Vincent pho 701 is actually an enhancement of the previously bestselling PHO 700.The upgrade was made in terms of audio chassis. The 701 has audio’s two chassis PHO 701 mm/mc phono preamp improves the quality.

Firstly, it offers a USB output that allows you to save your vinyl tracks to your computer by using easily available software that can be found on the web along with the free audacity software. The second feature that is new is the ability of the product to be fine-tuned to a wide range using dip switches located at the bottom of the product. With these new switches, you can easily adjust the input capacitance and set the required input impedance. To ensure quality signals, the PHO 701 puts its power supply in a separate chassis thus providing great quality. This product will reward your investment with an amazing vinyl experience. The new design brings separate cases for audio and power supply circuits to help keep apart the signal chain from Alternate Current distortion and interference. The PHO 701 performs the RIAA correction with high precision to ensure no signal distortion. It also uses very high audiophile components inside and outside the product. The Vincent PHO 701has a single phono input. Not only that, this phono input can be switched to accommodate either low output mc cartridges or mm/high output mc cartridges. A smart move by Vincent has been to purposefully omit the typical ‘wall art’ AC power adapter. Rather they have included a specially designed and highly developed outboard power supply instead of the old AC adapters. The no compromise on quality approach to power supplies is what helps the PHO 701 in achieving its low noise performance which it is known for.

Good quality SoundIssues With USB Output
Attractive Design


The Vincent PHO 701 is different from other preamps in terms of design and features so if that is what you are into, this is the product for you.



Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2

Pro-Ject was founded in 1991 and is an audio equipment company whose mission is to provide its consumers and customers with great quality products including CDs, headphones etc.Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Best Phono Preamps Under $1000 We are particularly talking about their Tube Box DS2.

The tube box DS2,in terms of design is very unique looking. It is available in black or silver finish with or without side wood panels. Its dimensions are 15.5 x 12 x 6 inches and it weighs about 4 pounds.

The tube box DS2 is Suitable for MM and MC cartridges which contribute to its great performance. It also boasts very precise RIAA equalization along with ultra-low noise circuitry which is a major factor of its commendable performance. This product also allows you to select between 2 phono inputs & 2 line outputs. It consists of a dual mono circuitry for optimized channel separation. Selectable input impedance and electable input capacitance is also included in the features with the capacitance range being 100 / 220 / 320 pF.

The pro-ject precision tube phono preamplifier works so well due to its excellent circuitry which has been developed by Dr.Sylora. This product has been made to be compatible with both MM and MC cartridges.  Other notable features of the tube box DS2 include input capacitance for MM cartridges and switchable subsonic. This product is the perfect upgrade for enthusiasts who are vinyl lovers.

Small SizeNone That We Could Find
Easy To Use
Good Design


This product boasts of many features and would definitely be an upgrade to other preamps.



The Phono Preamps we have on here for a budget of $1000 for our readers are among the best available on the market. If they have any reported performance related issues, they have been mentioned in this publication. We hope you find this publication useful. Let us know what you thinks about these Phono Preamps in the comments below.



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