Best Mics For Field Recording

Best Mics For Field Recording 2019

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2019)

Are you used to of working in the field because you love taking on adventures and recording them? if so, then you must need a microphone that can prove to be your greatest ally when you are out in the field and we have a few recommendation in order that are really going to help you out.

Finding the best mics for field recording is by far the hardest thing to do. You need a microphone that will not just record the voice of your subject efficiently but it should also minimize the surrounding noises to provide you with the best results.

How many times have you found a microphone that provided with the above mentioned major features? We are guessing you haven’t met the right choice and that is why you are here.

Worry not, we have enlisted top 3 microphones for field recording that will prove to be your greatest allies while you are in the field. Continue reading and find out more about all the claims we have made above.

Best Mics For Field Recording (Comparison)

MicrophoneFrequency Response 
Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone20Hz - 20kHzCheck Price
Audio-Technica AT875R90Hz - 20kHzCheck Price
Audio-Technica AT803540Hz - 20kHzCheck Price


Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone

Infield recording is a bit hard to do because of all the surrounding noises and the environment.Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Best Mics For Field Recording So, in order to tackle that natural issues that will be on to you while you are in the field, far from your studio, recording your dream vlog, you will need a tool in your hand that can provide you with the best results for all the risks you took to get here.

So, we did our research and found Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule to be one of the best infield microphones that you can use for all your adventures. You can easily pair it up with your camera and it will fix right at because it offers XLR inputs. The changing out process feels like a breeze, company has put two buttons on either side of the mic that all you have to do is click them simultaneously and your mic will be ready to set in.

The mic fits well with all sorts of cameras and doesn’t make them feel bulky or anything that may be too hard to carry for the user. The SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule comes with a super-cardioid polar pattern and it is said to be unidirectional microphone. This means, you won’t have to focus this mic on a single place because it will literally work in almost all directions and also minimize noise coming in from the surroundings. However, if you still have reservations regarding the microphone since you will be on a journey, it is always better to keep a separate microphone along with you just in case your main microphone malfunctions.

Using this mic in live sound recording context, it can handle a ton of noise, with a maximum sound pressure of 122 dB. The controls of this mic are simple to use, with an onboard gain knob. This Zoom microphone is unique since it has a proprietary connector which allows it to attach to certain Zoom products. It has a built-in potentiometer that helps in adjust its gain and the pickup pattern is hypercardioid, and it’s a mid-side stereo shotgun with mono mode.

The package comes with the microphone and the hairy widescreen that some people have chosen to call a scary dead cat. It doesn’t come with any specs sheet or user manual that some users have said to be misguiding because they were beginners and didn’t really know how to use a microphone properly. The company should have catered to this concern that almost all users have and given the buyers with a user manual to provide them with ease while installing this microphone on their camera.

All in all, the SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule is microphone that we definitely recommend because it offers amazing sound recording quality and it works amazingly well in-field. You can buy this product through Amazon conveniently and get more information regarding this product directly through their website.

Highly VersatileOnly Works With Certain Zoom Products
Rejects The Surrounding Noise
Can Easily Attach It To A Handheld Camera


As we wind up this review, we think that for the price of SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule, there is no other better microphone you will find in the market. This microphone offers you with quality, versatility and capability that it can be physically attached to a handheld recorder such as Zoom H5. All in all, if you are a fan of Zoom products and you’re willing to modify it only with them, it’s a great pick.



Audio-Technica AT875R

Well, in our next recommendation, we decided to go for something that is not just versatile but can also be used in different environments such indoors along with outdoors.Audio-Technica AT875R Best Mics For Field Recording With the help of Audio Technica AT857R, you can record interviews and vlogs with crystal level of clarity wherever you want. In order to know more about this amazing piece of technology, continue reading.

The Audio Technica, as the name suggests, is one of the most renowned audio device manufacturing companies of all time and they are known for paying smallest of attention to all the technical difficulties users might face while using their audio recorders. The AT857R is an in-field microphone that is recognized for being solid and provides high quality of sound input.

When we think about shotgun microphones, we all think about recording outdoors and we think about narrations and field interviews. But what we don’t think about is its indoor use and how you can use your investment for voiceovers, narration and indoor interviews. AT857R is a microphone that provides you with optimized results even if you choose not to use it just in the field.

Built-in low cut/high pass filter featured in this mic helps to reduce undesired rumble, which is always active: no switches. That also explains its 90Hz-20kHz frequency response. This microphone is pretty short in height and offers an amazing signal to noise at very minimum price range, 74dB. The Audio Technica At857R is a condenser microphone so it offers much higher output levels as compared to other dynamic microphones.

Since the length of this microphone is extremely short, that makes it easy to use for compact cameras and you don’t even have to carry an extra-long bad to have it on board on your travels. The AT857R was exclusively designed for broadcast audio acquisition and video production so that it can offer you with maximum clarity while you are doing a live visual or an audio broadcast from your location.

The reason why Audio Technica focused on this aspect regarding this microphone was because there aren’t any microphones available in the market that can provide you with sound quality while you are doing a live broadcast. Most of them either create a lot of noise or cause hindrance during the broadcast; all of those issues however were nearly exterminated with the launch of this product.

When you are in the field, you also need your microphone to accept long-distance sound pickup which this microphone profoundly offers because of its narrow acceptance angle. So, now, doesn’t matter how far you are from the point of recording, your voice will be very evident to all your listeners. The microphone also offers you with a tailored response and rejects all the surrounding noise in order to provide you with extremely better sound outputs. The microphone operates on phantom power only and that makes it all the more convenient.

The construction of this microphone is also extremely solid which makes it one of the best purchases you’ll make in your long field recording career.

Highly VersatileDoesn’t Accept A Battery
Narrow Acceptance Angle
Can Use It Indoors As Well


We were pretty impressed by how this microphone works and how amazing all its features are. The Audio Technica AT875R is a must have microphone if you are a travel enthusiast or you love broadcasting live while you are in the field. This microphone also works amazingly well indoors.



Audio-Technica AT8035

While we are on to this research, we realized that all the shotgun microphones that we came across, the Audio Technica offered the most solid and durable microphones, there is no exaggeration in that.Audio-Technica AT8035 Best Mics For Field Recording The architecture of their microphones and their construction has felt more solid than ever not to mention the features just speak for themselves.

This microphone has been exclusively designed for broadcasting, professional recording and film/TV video production. These are also well-suited for video journalism and outdoor shooting in special conditions. It is also suitable for use as a hook-on mic (on a camera, on a stand, on a boompole), or as a handheld microphone for interviews (extraordinary length allows you to stretch out the microphone from the crowd of journalists). The length of this microphone is pretty minimal which makes it perfect for recording in different crowds.

You can easily mount this on your camera, it might look a bit strange while it has been mounted on the camera but nonetheless, looks really don’t matter when your device is fulfilling all your requirements. The best part about AT8035 is extraordinary directionality and versatility that has made it to number one choice of all the video journalists out there.

This microphone comes with narrow-linear gradient technology that provides it with a smooth and natural sound quality in front of the mic. The microphone also features noise rejection capabilities and it effectively rejects all the noise coming from the back and surrounding areas. The Audio Technica AT8035 also features a filter that cuts low frequencies ranging from 180Hz to provide more clarity in the sound quality. You can also use that filter switch in housing so that you can prevent accidental activation of the mic.

Most of the users face a backlash whenever they’re told that a certain mic that they really liked will only charge through phantom power. However, this isn’t the case with Audio Technica AT8035. This can be effectively charged by phantom power or you can also use standard AA batteries to power it up. This is by far the most significant and applauded for feature in this microphone. You can also use batteries while mounting this on your camera to reduce the battery consumption of your SLR so that it work for longer periods of time but you will need to turn off the switch of phantom power once you place your microphone on it.

All in all, the Audio Technica AT8035 is one of the best microphones that you will in the market if you are looking for a mic that can work perfectly in hazardous or crowded circumstances. It is great for broadcast and video journalism and it will prove to be your biggest ally in the field.

Phantom PowerNone That We Could Find
Internal Filter To Minimizes Noise
Great For Video Journalism


The Audio Technica AT8035 comes with some really significant features that makes it worth purchasing. If you want a microphone that picks up sound even from long distances and can be easily handled in crowded areas, then you must go and purchase this microphone. It is highly recommended by those who have been using it for quite a while.




So, these are the best microphones we for field recording. We did our through research and then enlisted these names. They work in almost all sorts of environments and the rest of the details we have mentioned in our reviews.

If you have been recording in field as well and you use a mic that we really should know about, do let us know through the comments below so our readers could benefit from your feedback as well.



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