Best Microphones For Discord

Best Microphones For Discord 2019

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2019)

One thing that transformed dramatically in the last few years is music. The nature of popular music has taken an interesting turn but still it remains as influential as it has always been on the masses.

The process of recording music has become extremely convenient for all the people in this digital age. With the help of new technology, latest gadgets and enhanced studios, one can now record music and capture voiceovers in ways that people couldn’t even have imagined a few years ago.

This is where the latest kinds of microphones come in such as the USB microphone, dynamic microphone, ribbon microphones, diaphragm microphones and so on. If you have thinking about establishing your home studio, it is now clearly possible because technology has provided you with all the tools that are necessary for it.

If you have been on the lookout for a microphone yourself, then you are at the right place because we have compiled some of the best microphones for discord. We were coming across a lot of people on the internet, searching for the right microphones for discord so we took it upon ourselves and made a list of top 3 microphones that you will find in the market and on the internet.

Continue reading and see what we have in store for you.

Best Microphones For Discord (Comparison)

MicrophoneFrequency Response 
MAONO AU-A0430Hz - 16kHzCheck Price
Blue Yeti20Hz - 20kHzCheck Price
FIFINE K67050Hz - 15kHzCheck Price



The first recommendation that we have for you regarding best microphones for discords is a complete Microphone Kit by MAONO.MAONO AU-A04 Best Microphones For Discord Since we were looking for a cost effective option, we found MAONO’s AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit and we found it to be one of the best options available in the market. Want to know why? Continue reading.

The price of AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is highly economical and it offers you with everything you need to get up and run your home studio. Most of the people are of the view that since a product doesn’t cost a lot, it is highly unlikely that it will be of good performance but MAONO’s AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit proved us otherwise.

For its price, the microphone kit offers us with quite some enigmatic features. The package comes with the microphone itself that happens to be a USB-powered condenser that doesn’t require an audio interface to use, boom arm, a shock mount, pop filter and foam windscreen. The last two things obtain the same goal that is blocking plosives so you can choose one or the other instead of being stuck with both of the tools. If you buy all these accessories separately, you will easily have an additional $40 bill on your pocket so it is wise to buy this kit instead and save some bucks on your purchase.

As we have mentioned before, we would like to mention again that AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is everything you need to start your professional live stream. It works great for recordings, podcasts, live radio streaming and so on. The microphone comes in a sturdy metal design which we didn’t expect for it to have because of the cost. The grill is the usual metal weave found on virtually all condenser microphones. The body is the microphone is extremely smooth and has been designed while keeping simplicity in mind that makes it one of the best options to have.

The AU-A04 offers a single cardioid polar pattern, which means it records only what’s in front of it and tries to reject outside noise. However, you will have to configure everything else by using Windows settings. The biggest drawback that we felt with this microphone kit was the absence of latency monitoring. Without it, you cannot hear yourself in real time and see where your pitch went too high or too low. You can only hear that after the recording has been completed. This could be off-putting for some users, especially to those who live stream. The two pop-filters work really well together and even though it may not be a highly professional kit, its shortcomings can be easily managed. All in all, the AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is a commendable and must have microphone for your home studio.

Sturdy Metal DesignDoesn’t Offer Latency Monitoring
Comes With All The Accessories


Finding economical and feasible options when it comes to microphones isn’t an easy thing to do. You will come across a lot of options and we can confidentially say that AU-A04 Studio Microphone Kit is one of the best microphone kits that you will find in the market. It is a very conveniently designed microphone that offers you with all the accessories you need for you home studio.




Blue Yeti

Since we were recommending microphones, how could we forget one of the most popular microphones of all time, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone!Blue Yeti Best Microphones For Discord

Users have called this microphone as the beginner microphone but since its cost isn’t something that anyone can afford, the functionality and performance of Blue Yeti USB Microphone is highly commendable. If you are just getting started on your podcasting journey, this option may be the winner for you. Want to know why this microphone is all time favorite? Continue reading.

There are a few notable reasons to why Blue Yeti USB Microphone and we will be shedding light on each and every one of them. The thing that impressed us the most about this microphone was its overall packaging and the appearance. The Yeti’s box is well illustrated with simple diagrams and explanations of its functions. The aim behind their detailed packaging is so that anyone who knows little or nothing about setting up mics can get help from it. Blue has sold Yeti in a lot of markets but the one market that has always taken advantage of Yeti is of podcasters. For them, this mic is like a lifesaver. All they have to do is set it up and not worry about anything other than their content.

Since this is a USB microphone, you can easily connect it with your computer without the need of having a preamp or a mixer to operate it. This is a big plus point for all the beginners out there however, if you happen to be someone who loves mixing and playing with the settings, you really won’t enjoy the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

The Yeti is a good looking microphone, and it feels sturdy as well as durable. You can set up to record with the Yeti in under a minute. All you have to do is connect it to your computer and your computer will detect it quickly, it will install the necessary drivers and software itself and you are good to go. The microphone comes on its own stand and that is a big benefit of Yeti. You don’t have to buy a boom arm or any other mic stand to get started.

Yeti features a 3.5mm port on the underside of the microphone that allows you to plug in your earbuds or monitor headphones in here so you can easily monitor your recordings. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone also features 3 different dials that include headphone volume which will allow you to control the volume of the sound you are hearing, gain dial that will control the sensitivity of your mic and a polar pattern dial that will allow you to select the recording method that will suit you best. Along with these dials, Yeti also has a mute button on it that will light up red once you connect it with your computer.

It has a pretty decent sound quality, one that you won’t find in any other beginner microphone. It does a really good job at capturing your voice accurately and doesn’t cause any hindrances. The performance and operation is pretty smooth and you will simply fall in love with this microphone once you start using it.

Great Sound QualityDoesn’t Have A Multi-head Setup
Multiple Recording Patterns
Works Amazingly Well For Its Price


If you are looking for a beginner level microphone that isn’t as economical as you wish but does offer some amazing features than you have a winner. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone offers you with some decent features, amazing functionality and great performance. It is one of the best microphones that you will find in the market.





The last recommendation on our list of best microphones for discord is a product from FIFINE.FIFINE K670 Best Microphones For Discord FIFINE is another company that we always recommend whenever we are on the lookout for amazing and performance-oriented tech gadgets. The Fifine PC microphone comes in as the penultimate product on our list and like all other products that we recommend you after a thorough research; this one has also been given the green signal by different users and tech experts.

The FIFINE K670 has a strong and sturdy background provided it to by its manufacturing company. FIFINE is known for bringing innovation and style to the market along with some tangible products. Their microphones are of high quality and they never lack in offering optimized performance and advanced features. The FIFINE K670 has been given the green signal on many occasions especially when it comes to recommending microphones for home studios.

It comes with the straight forward plug and play feature and that makes K670 very easy to setup. You do not need any preamp or any audio software to set it up on your PC or laptop. All you have to do is connect it to your computer and the K670 will do the rest of the work on its own. You can install it easily and use it in a blink of an eye.

The microphone has an all metal construction that ensures its sturdiness and also guarantees its long-lasting feature. The FIFINE k670 also allows you to monitor your voice doing live streaming and other performance so you know exactly where you stand and how you need to make your recording better at all times.

It also has great compatibility statistics with a host of different software such as sound forge, audacity, Skype, dxtory, VoIP program, push-to-talk, discord etc. This is a large diaphragm condenser mic that combines ease of plug and play and quality sound together. It offers you USB connectivity on Windows and MAC both and you do not need any extra drivers to get it to working on your PC. You also do not require an external sound card. All you have to do is plug it in and get set go.

Works Well For Both MAC & Windows OSDoesn’t Offer A Lot Of Features
No Need For Any Drivers To Operate
Quick Setup


The FIFINE k670 is one of the smartest and performance-oriented microphones that we found in the market. It is highly commendable for its amazing voice capturing quality and it will work great for home studios. If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for a mic that will prove to be the best purchase, then you know what to do.




So, these are the best microphones for discord that we found suitable for you. We hope this article was able to help you in making a choice and we would really appreciate if you could leave us with your feedback.



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