Best Mic For Deep Male Voice

Best Mic For Deep Male Voice 2019

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Have you been facing trouble because you have a deeper voice that not every microphone records efficiently? If so, then you need a replacement and you should get a good microphone that offers efficiency in vocals and lucky for you, we have a few recommendations when it comes to best mic for deep male voice that can help you out.

We all know that once we start throttling the market, we come across numerous products with different specifications. Each and every product is its own boss and fulfills requirements according to its own specifications. Keeping that in mind, you need to figure out what you require from the microphone you are looking for and where will you get it.

We figured that since there are hundreds of products in the market, you will most likely get confused once you start your research so we decided to make it a little easier for you. You can take a look at the following recommendations we have for you. Along with that, we are also sharing a few tips that will help you in figuring out what kind of microphone are you looking for.

Frequency Response

Almost all the professional microphones will provide you with a graph of detailed frequency response. A microphone’s frequency response is a measurement of the magnitude in which it responds to any given frequency range.

In simple words, some microphones will pick up a bit more high or bit more lows at certain situations. You need to know how a microphone responds to a certain frequency because it is going to influence your buying decision. Always consider the frequency response of the microphone you are about to buy because it is going to greatly affect your usage.

Power Supply

Since the technology has evolved, almost all the high-end microphones come with a power supply or they require phantom power to work efficiently.

This is another aspect that you must consider. If you are going to be suing your microphone while travelling or in other areas, then you need a microphone that doesn’t require a constant power supply such as wiring it up to the socket.

Noise Rejection

Choose the microphones that come with the noise rejection features. If you plan on establishing your studio at home, chances are you will be surrounded by a lot of noise. You cannot build a sound proof room but what you can do is buy a microphone that rejects noise automatically.

So, these are a few things you need to consider when buying a microphone. Moving on, here are a few recommendations that are really going to help you out.

Best Mic For Deep Male Voice (Comparison)

MicrophoneFrequency Response 
Blue Microphones Bluebird SL20Hz - 20kHzCheck Price
Shure SM7B50Hz - 15kHzCheck Price
sE Electronics sE220020Hz - 20kHzCheck Price


Blue Microphones Bluebird SL

Blue is known for manufacturing some of the best microphones that you will find in the market.Blue Microphones Bluebird SL Best Mic For Deep Male Voice Their quality is top notch and their microphones offer you with guaranteed performance. This microphone that is known as Bluebird was recently revamped by the company at the NAMM and the new Bluebird SL takes a lot of its cues from some of their more high-end microphones. This microphone is perfect for small commercial studios and home recording projects since it delivers to a much more affordable price point.

The Bluebird is a Cardioid pattern condenser mic. Like Blue’s all other high-priced models, this capsule like microphone is also covered with a gold Mylar sputtered membrane. A -20dB pad and a 100Hz hi-pass filter are the only adjustable variables, which keeps things simple, yet tweakable.

The Bluebird is perfect for clean vocal takes since it’s a transformer-less design which means there are no extra circuit paths that may be responsible for adding any extra noise or for coloring the signal. It has a maximum SPL of 138db that can easily handle any volume that you may throw at it which makes it perfect for those male artists who have a deeper voice. The frequency response is 20Hz-20 KHz, which means it has a very high frequency range to capture both high and extremely low ends without difficulty or loss of fidelity.

Regardless of the sound source, the Bluebird has a very solid and sharp sound attack. The vocals remain nice and tight at all times. You can easily tune this mic according to your requirement without causing distress to other settings. The singer has the liberty of adjusting the settings according to the approach he has opted for such as he can create different responses just by keeping the mic away or closer to the head. It doesn’t create a muffle voice neither it creates a spiky tone, singer can easily adjust the tone according to the way he wants it.

The best thing about Bluebird is the versatility it brings to the table especially for those who run a home studio. If you purchase bluebird, you not only buy an affordable vocal mic but you also purchase a, acoustic mic and a room mic, all in one. The mic is on the high end purchase even though the price tag tells us otherwise. The Bluebird is highly affordable without a doubt given the extent of features it offers to its users.

The signal to noise ratio is quite less since Bluebird is transformer less and it can easily handle louder sounds really well like of a drum or horns. The package of Bluebird includes a nice wooden case along with a shock mount. If you are a serious vocalist who is extremely passionate about his singing, Bluebird can be your secret weapon that you can take anywhere. The installation is also pretty easy and it’ll connect automatically to your PC.

TunableNot Good For Recording Quieter Vocals
Highly Commendable In Performance
Works Great For Home Studios


If you are a singer and you have an incredible home studio, then Bluebird by Blue will be your best and most affordable option give the features it offers. You can tune this mic according to your requirement and it will provide you with all the benefits you need while recording. Another thing that we would like to add here is that if you have deep voice and you have been facing trouble finding the right mic, try Bluebird SL, we are sure it will work great for you.




Shure SM7B

Let’s talk about a legendary high-end dynamic microphone, yes, we are talking about Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone that is often used for radio stations, studio recordings and for voiceovers.Shure SM7B Best Mic For Deep Male Voice Some people are off the view that in order to get the best sound and results, you need to use expensive equipment but with this recommendation, we are about to prove them wrong.

It is cheaper than all those high-end microphones but the microphone is capable of producing sound just as good as any other high-end microphone will and in some occasions, it will produce even better results. This product resurrects the old topic of dynamics vs condensers, but in a nutshell, the sound quality of SM7B is exceptional.

Let’s talk about the sound quality first. The Shure SM7B has a very rich and neutral sound quality. You can easily compare this product to a quality bass microphone. Once you start using SM7B, you will not hear any distortion or boominess that users usually hear when using a common microphone. It has a very clean, balanced and deep bass. The fact that it offers a very minimalistic bass is one of the reasons why people just fall in love with this microphone. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its entire frequency range. The midrange is just as neutral, with little if any coloration, but the high end is a gem.

However, there are some downsides of SM7B since it doesn’t provide the crispier sound that condensers do. But, like all the condensers, the Shure SM7B is very easy to use and you will get the hang of it as soon as you start using it.

As for the features of Shure SM7B, it comes with an internal shock mount that offers enough absorption and it perfectly makes up for those bulky external shock mounts. The mic may look huge to you initially but if you pay a closer look and once you get the hang of it, it will seem much smaller and convenient to use as compared to other high-end microphones. Moreover, there is also an integrated pop filter, which in combination with the mic’s foam cover eliminates the need for external pop filters

In order to set it up correctly, you will need an additional preamp in the chain because it takes a lot of clean gain that is 60dB. If you are purchasing this microphone for a professional studio, the clean gain won’t be a problem but for home studios, you need to be cautious or you will end up with a very low output or noise.

All in all, this is by far one of the best dynamic microphones that you will find in the market and all its added features work really well for a professional studio and even for a homely one.

Rich Low & Offers Crystal Clear SoundRequires An Additional Preamp To Work Well
Smooth Highs
Easy To Use


Finding the right dynamic microphone isn’t that easy since there are a lot of factors that one must consider but if you choose Shure CM7B, you will not need to consider anything else. It works great for professional singer and offers you with amazing features. The sound quality is top notch and it is nothing less than a high-end microphone.




sE Electronics sE2200

When establishing a home or professional studio, the first thing that you will be purchasing is a microphone and since you need to make sure it is the perfect purchase, we have another recommendation for you in that regard.sE Electronics sE2200 Best Mic For Deep Male Voice

We would recommend that you at least have a one large diaphragm condenser microphone and that is exactly why we recommend you the sE2200 Microphone by SE Electronics.  We have seen people using this microphone for years and all the users have put in a really good word for it. You can easily use it for daily recordings and once you get the hang of it, you will be most likely using it for all your major vocal sessions.

Each microphone capsule launched by SE Electronics has been crafted by hands and all of them are extremely well-built and very sturdy. The company has also launched these microphones in bundles so you get pop-filters and shock mount in the package. This saves you some additional package and makes the deal worth purchasing. We have enjoyed playing on these microphones very much but most of the time, we loved playing it on volcals. The SE2200 allows you to maximize the quality of vocals and if you are recording in your home, you will be able to make out a very professional voiceover or podcast because of it.

This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, making it perfect for multiple uses. But you need to keep one thing in mind and that is, since it is a condenser mic, it will require phantom power to work efficiently. The model that we have recommended you is a cardioid model and it comes with the best polar pattern that you can use for home studio. The microphone rejects sound from the rear so it is more suited to a less than ideal environment like setting it up in your living room.

You can also get this microphone in a multi-pattern option that is also very affordable. Both the cardioid version (2200a II C) and the multi pattern version (2200a II) have a high-pass filter switch at 60Hz and a pad switch. Given the price range, the SE2200 is the best condenser microphone that you will find in the market. The sound quality is crisp and it records your voice smoothly without any hindrance.

Records Vocals BeautifullyRuns On Phantom Power
Rejects Noise
Perfect For Home Studios


If you are looking for a large diaphragm condenser mic for your home studio, one that will reject all the noise, then you have a winner. The sE2200 is the best option if you want to a large mic exclusively to record vocals. It is highly affordable performs really well in all circumstances.




So, these are the best recommendations we found on the internet regarding microphones for deep male voice. If you have any queries regarding the recommendations, do let us know in the comments below.



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