Best Equalizers For Car

Best Equalizers For Car 2019

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2019)

A set of manually controlled amplifier and filters which allows you to manually adjust frequency levels of a stereo system in a vehicle is known as a car stereo equalizer. There are certain factors the affect the sound quality of your car speakers but having an equalizer can greatly improve the performance of your sound system and enhance the volume.

You can also use an equalizer to customize the volume according to the way you like it such as deep, clear treble, booming bass to high. If you plan on buying a car stereo equalizer, take these 5 things into consideration before you make a purchase and we have compiled some of the best equalizers for car below in this publication. We recommend you have a look at them.

Ease of use

Equalizers are not easy to use. They come with numerous specifications and customizations. If you haven’t used an equalizer before, you may have a lot of questions regarding how to use it. A lot of stereo equalizers like mounted and graphic are very easy to use, and you can adjust the frequencies according to your own liking.

Go for an equalizer that is not too complicated and one that you will be able to learn easily. Do not get into the complexity of it.


Some of the equalizer are mounted in the trunk while others are mounted under the dash board. They usually have a display inside the dashboard. You could face certain compatibility issues with equalizers given the space available inside your car and the space inside your dash.

You should always check in with a company or technician before you make a choice regarding an equalizer. They will be able to guide you right way and find you an equalizer that will be compatible with your vehicle.


You will not want to upgrade your vehicle with something that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye either that is stereo equalizer or a steering wheel, right? Since you will be seeing a lot of your stereo equalizer, choose the one that pleases your sight.

Find something that enhance the look of your interior.


The quality of anything and everything in the world matters. If you plan on spending money, you need to buy something of its worth. Never compromise on the quality and the functionality of your equalizer.

Buy something that is of topnotch quality and has enhanced performance. You can shop around until you find the best product for yourself.


Do not go overboard with this. Look for something pocket-friendly and decide your budget. It may take a little more time, but you need to search thoroughly before you make your purchase.

Compare prices of different products and their specifications before deciding on to something. It’ll help you asses the market better.

So, if you are looking to buy an equalizer for your car stereo, you might need some help with that to pick out the right one.

Best Equalizers For Car (Comparison)

BOSS Audio EQ1208 Equalizer1 lbsCheck Price
Power Acoustic PWM-16 Equalizer1.75 lbsCheck Price
Clarion EQS746 Graphic Equalizer1.32 lbsCheck Price


BOSS Audio EQ1208 Equalizer

Boss Audio Systems has been providing the most affordable and classic audio systems and equalizers of all time.BOSS Audio EQ1208 Equalizer Best Equalizers For Car The EQ1208 is another edition into the list of their amazing products. A graphic equalizer that comes with high fidelity signal preamplifier that lets you individually control different frequency bands alongside viewing them graphically. It is a kind of stereophonic system that comes with numerous functions.

It includes amplifiers in the signal path after equalizer and is intended for used in car audio systems. It also provides rear, front and subwoofer low level outputs via RCA connectors.

There are several audio fillers in EQ1208 and each audio filler is centered at a specific frequency in the audio range. It has the following frequencies 40Hz, 150Hz, 1kHz, 20kHz and allows you to cut or boost the output level up to 18 decibels at the mentioned frequencies. The equalizer also features a subwoofer channel that comes with an independent crossover control you can set the crossover from 30Hz to 250Hz. Signals below the frequency setting will be sent to the subwoofer outputs, which will allow you to setup or optimize the sound according to your particular subwoofer setup. The use of subwoofer channel is additional and can be used if necessary by the one operating.

Features & Specifications

The product specifications are mentioned as follows:

The equalizer’s center frequencies are 60Hz, 150Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz & 15kHz and the equalization range is (boost/cut) +/- 12dB. The frequency response is 20 Hz – 20kHz and the subwoofer crossover frequency is mentioned as Variable 30-20Hz.

The equalizer’s signal to noise ratio is 60 dB and the THD is less than 0.05%. the THD of subwoofer channel is also less than 0.05% and channel separation is 45 dB. The power supply is 10-16V negative ground and the output voltage for subwoofer channel only is 1.5V.


The performance of EQ1208 is amazing. It works as both, epicenter and equalizer. It can drive front and rear output with EQ and adjustable sub out. The company has gained tremendous acknowledgment for launching this gadget. Thee product comes with great grounding and critical wiring, one that does not fail. The adjustment levels are great, and one just needs to get the hang of it. You will need to learn to adjust before you can become a pro at using this equalizer perfectly. It has no noise issues maintain and equal balance in front and rear audio systems. All in all, a great equalizer to go with.

Of course, there are pros and cons of every device, there are a few of this device as well.

Amazing PerformanceNone That We Could Find
Great Battery
Works As Epicenter & Equalizer



Power Acoustic PWM-16 Equalizer

Power Acoustic launches one of the greatest and power packed pre-amp equalizer of all time.Power Acoustic PWM-16 Equalizer Best Equalizers For Car The product comes with 2 selectable balanced inputs that you can choose according to your audio system and one front panel AUX input system. PMW-16 is 4 bands, 18 dB parametric equalizer that is going to give you the volume you have been dreaming for. Let’s look at the product specifications a bit more closely.

Features & Specifications

The equalizer comes with 2 selectable balanced inputs and a front panel AUX input along with 4 bands ± 18dB, a parametric equalizer that is. The innovation this product has is that it has independent volume and fader control which allows the user to adjust volume as suited. It also has an independent subwoofer output and level control along with a variable subwoofer low-pass crossover.

PWM 16 comes 7V max front, rear and subwoofer outputs that gives it the enhancement it needs alongside a blue LED backlighting adding beauty to the product’s outlook. It also has a quick disconnect wire harness and S/N ratio is 80dB @5V. the THD of this device is 0.05%. you can get this equalizer in green color as of now and its maximum output level is 12 volts with a signal to noise ratio being 110 dB.


The product performs really well as a pre-amp. It allows you to connect through Bluetooth dongle or phone cable and will step up your signal for a car amp to take in and it handles it really well. This also allows a much finer and enhanced control over volume and quality of the sound as compared to when you plug your phone directly into the audio system.

The pre-amp is extremely pocket friendly so if you are looking for an equalizer to power up your rides without making much effect on your budget, this one audio control device is the answer to your prayers.

There are a few pros and cons of this device as well.

AffordableHeats Up Sometimes
Performance Is Great
Selectable Balanced Inputs



Clarion EQS746 Graphic Equalizer

The Clarion EQS746 is there to satisfy you when your vehicle’s EQ stings aren’t good enough.Clarion EQS746 Graphic Equalizer Best Equalizers For Car This product is one of the most advanced products of its range with sound customization and 7 band of equalization. A 12 dB boost/cut is offered at the centers of each band to precisely adjust the frequencies of each band. For enhanced subwoofer control, it features a dedicated subwoofer level output. There is an auxiliary input on the back for playing an additional audio source.

In case you want to mount it underneath the dash, the EQS746 comes brackets so you can make use of it easily. It can also fit in a console or anywhere else you would like. If you want to your system to perform as in an ideally tuned system, this equalizer is going to come in handy when all other EQs fall short.

Specification & Features

The product comes with a 7 band graphic equalizer with 6-Channel along with a 7 Volt RCA Outputs that are front, rear and subwoofer. It has adjustable master volume level and an adjustable subwoofer level control. There is a 2-Channel RCA AUX Input with adjustable gain and selectable 12dB low-pass crossover of 60Hz or 90Hz.

The product comes with gold plated terminals and its dimensions are, 7″(W) × 1″(H) × 4″(D). this unit is exclusively designed for vehicles with negative ground and has 12 volts battery system installed in it.


The equalizer has an impressive quality and produces high quality sound. Provides the full sound that usually riders require while driving and it enhances the running of my audio system, giving you the wow factor, you had been finding for a long time.

The Clarion EQS746 has a feature that most of the equalizers have lacked, it allows you to run multiple amps and this equalizer really helps you clean up the sound. It may take a little while to train yourself with the settings of this equalizer but once you know how this device works, it is going to make you fall in love with it. All in all, this equalizer is good to go if you want your EQ to perform multiple functions.

There are pros and cons of this as well, they’re mentioned below.

Great Capacity
Performance Oriented


This was all we had to share on equalizer for car stereos. We hope this was able to help you out. Let us know what you think and how your response has been if you have used any of the above-mentioned equalizers. Do provide us with your feedback in the comments below.



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