Different Female Butt Shapes

You have seen a lot of butts out there and you will not be surprised to know that every butt has it’s own shape and no two butts have the exact same shape so we are going to tell you about all the butt shapes there are that you may have seen or maybe you have skipped some.

Knowing about the different shapes of the butts is really important if you are on the journey of self improvement and if you want a toned body or you want to sculpt a better and appealing aesthetic appeal of your body you have to know where you stand and you should be able to set a goal for a better or the best butt you want to sculpt that is why knowing the shape you have and the butt shape you want is the first step to a better change. So here we go with the Butt Science!

Why Different Shapes?

Two words “Skeletal Structure” and the other two words, technically three “Fat and Muscle”. Now you’d be thinking what does that has to do with your butt shape. Well let me explain it to you. The first thing the butt shape starts with is the bone structure of your body around your waist and hip area and the rest of the contributions are made by the distributions of muscle and fat over your body and the rest is pelvis. People who don’t work their Glutes Muscles their butt shape is mainly sculpted with the distribution of fat all over the area and because the Glutes are mostly underdeveloped muscles in both Females and Males the muscle itself doesn’t contribute a lot to the shape of the butts.

Men and Women both have different Butt Shapes but here we are going to discuss the Female Butt shapes.

What are Different Butt Shapes?

When it comes to female body types there are generally four types of butt shapes that are known and classified under by the plastic surgeons. Which are:

  • H – Shape or Square
  • C & O Shape or Round
  • A – Shape or Heart/Pear
  • V – Shape or Inverted

The above butt shapes are defined as a general concept of the female butt shapes you can choose from them to get an idea which kind of butt shape you have. If you don’t have any of the above butt shapes then don’t worry  this is just a general categorization of the female butt shapes and no two butts are the same remember.

H – Shape or Square Butt Shape

A Square butt shape gives out it’s shape anatomy by it’s name. The hip bone of this butt shape is wide or the distribution of the fat is majorly in the love handles region. These two factors contribute to a hip shape without the appearance of a curve smoothly gliding over the start of the waist area. This butt shape gives a straight up and down appearance from the waist down.

C & O Shape or Round Butt Shape

Round Butt Shape also known as “Bubble Butt” is known for it’s fuller look. The fat distribution in this kind of butt shape around the cheeks area and also the upper portion of the butt. Now when this kind of butt shape is viewed from the sides the butt sits high and when viewed from behind the shape is rounder giving it more fuller and heavy appearance.

A – Shape or Heart/Pear Shape

The most common and considered the most feminine of all the butt shapes is the A or Heart Shaped buttocks. Giving a more tapered look from the waist down, the A shape butt has the fat distribution majority of it being in the lower butt area and the thighs.

The hormones mainly the Estrogen is responsible for the fat distribution around the body and as the age increases the Estrogen levels drop and the fat storage is limited to the abdomen area. So keeping your self fit is mainly contributed by the diet, exercise and some good butt toning products.

V – Shape or Inverted Butt Shape

The V Butt Shape or Inverted Butt Shape is commonly seen in old women mainly because of the drop of Estrogen levels in the body leading to fat distribution to shift towards the abdomen region of the body instead of the buttocks area. This butt shape is the main victim of sagging. This butt shape is more full at the top and less at the bottom region of the butt.

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