Butt Enhancement Exercises

Butt (Glutes) Exercises that help You Achieve a Bigger Butt

Butt building is something that is at the back of many people’s minds, because a strong, firm and uplifted butt is not only appealing but also healthy. You have heard the saying that buns are the new guns. Even though breast enhancement used to be, and is still, very popular, butt enhancement has taken a whole new perspective as more women are yearning for an uplifted, bigger and more rounded butt. As a result, butt enhancement procedures have become more popular than ever, and so have butt enhancement pills and creams. However to complement these methods properly and attain the best possible results, nothing does a better job than butt exercises that will make your bum bigger.

There are a good number of butt exercises you can engage in in order to improve your butt’s look. The key is to carry out specific exercises regularly, because their role is to maximally activate the glutes. Some of the best exercises for a smaller waist and bigger hips are mentioned below.

Small Waist Big Hips Workout

  • Side lying clam – place yourself in a side lying position. Flex your hips about at a 45 degree angle while keeping your heels touching each other. The gluteus maximus muscle in your buttocks should contract while doing so and by rotating externally and lifting your leg, you will be carrying out this exercise. It is important to avoid twisting your spine while holding the extended position for at least one minute.
  • Single leg glute bridge – place yourself in a flat position on your back. Keep one leg bent while raising your hips in the air. The other leg should be kept resting on the foam roller, and without rotating or shifting, start tensing your glutes. To do this the gluteus maximus muscle will be working hard to lift your lower body up. It is important to ensure that your lower back is not feeling any strain in the process. Hold this position for one minute and then repeat with the other leg.
  • Double leg glute bridge – place yourself in a supine position keeping your legs slightly bent. Push through your heels and at the same time raise your hips up in the air. When you feel that you have reached full hip extension, tense the glutes and the hamstrings as much as possible. You will know that you are doing it right because you should feel the greatest muscle activation in your glutes. Make sure that the movement is limited to the hips and that you do not overarch your lower back. Hold for at least sixty seconds.
  • Bird dog exercise – assume a position on all fours. Lift your left arm up while simultaneously kicking with your right leg. Make sure to keep your rear leg parallel to the ground and your spine should be neutral. Remain in this position for one minute and then repeat with the other leg.

These butt exercises are mainly intended to help you to focus muscular tension on the glutes. Do these exercises regularly, until you perfect them and move towards maximum glute activation for best results. These exercises can help you on your journey to a bigger butt.