How To Get a Bigger Butt

What is Butt Enhancement?

Butt enhancement or augmentation is a procedure that is carried out with the aim of reshaping or enhancing the gluteal area, so as to achieve a shapelier buttock. Butt enhancement has been carried out more commonly over the past decade, especially since an uplifted and shapely butt is often attributed to a sexier and more sensual look in females. Butt enhancement includes enlarging and reshaping. It is also sometimes referred to as butt implants or Brazilian butt lift.

The two main methods of carrying out a butt enhancement procedure are autologous fat transfer, which uses the person’s natural fatty tissue, and buttock implants. The former is also known as Brazilian butt lift, and the procedure revolves mainly around carrying out fat grafting by using the natural fatty tissue. Liposuction is carried out to remove fatty tissue from certain areas of one’s body, such as the thighs, and then that fat is processed for fat transfer and reinjected in the incision sites.

Buttock implants are more ideal when it comes to treating poorly defined buttocks, and for patients that have limited fatty tissues. An incision is made so that a soft silicone implant is placed in a pocket below the Gluteus Maximus muscle, and above the pelvic bone. The incisions are then closed, and drains are inserted. Regardless of the type of butt enhancement procedure the surgeon recommends, it is important to note that a number of preoperative and postoperative instructions need to be followed carefully for best results.

Buttock augmentation or enhancement is considered popular in cases when one feels that his or her buttock is too small when compared to the body frame. Thus it is a recommended surgery when it comes to achieving a more balanced look. It is also popular in cases where people have a buttock shape that is either too flat or too squarish. For those who want more curves, butt enhancement is a very good option.

Butt augmentation is also carried out for elderly people who due to aging have ended up with a flat, loose or sagging butt. It is also a common procedure for those who care a great deal for the way they look in their swimwear or certain clothes.

Despite the benefits, it is important to consider the implications of butt enhancement. First of all there is the possibility that in case of butt implants, the implants might slip postoperatively. Asymmetry could thus result due to this, or even if some of the fat ends up being reabsorbed. Also, due to postoperative swelling, it could take up to six months for the real effect of the surgery to be visible.

Before opting for butt enhancement it is very important to take into account if one is too slender. You do not want to end up looking disproportionate by opting for a significant butt augmentation.

Butt enhancement can lead to firmer, rounder and more uplifted buttocks, which make one look more youthful and sensual. There is an option for butt enhancement exercises which help but is really hard way to achieve that curvaceous appearance which is preferred nowadays and that is one of the main reasons behind the demand for butt enhancement.



Buttock Muscles and Anatomy

The buttocks are made up of four different elements, which help to form them the way they are. These include the bone structure, which cannot be changed. Then there are the muscles, the subcutaneous fat, and the skin.

A wider butt is associated to females, mainly because of the bone structure. Females have a wider pelvis so as to allow for childbirth. As a result, the pelvis, which forms the shape of the hips and acts as the basis for the buttocks, is wider in women, resulting in a wider-shaped butt. On the other hand males have a narrower and a taller pelvis, and this results in a squarer shaped butt.

Buttocks are made up mainly of muscles and fat. These together make up the main bulk of the buttocks, and are thus responsible for its shape. It is interesting to note that are actually different kinds of muscles in the buttocks. The three main ones are the Gluteus Maximus, the Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus. The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in the body. It makes up the majority of the muscle bulk in the backside. The Gluteus Medius is a deeper layer of muscle right beneath the Gluteus Maximus. The Gluteus Minimus is the smallest gluteal muscle, located even deeper, and beneath the Gluteus Medius.

These muscles can be trained by means of various exercises so as to get bigger, and as a result if one is interested in changing the shape of the buttocks, it is important to understand about the location of these three different muscles, and how they can be activated. As the superficial gluteal muscles are very close to the skin’s outer layer, any changes that are achieved in the size of these muscles will be easily visible. Apart from these three gluteal muscles there are also other posterior muscles, deeper in the buttocks. These are still affected by exercises, but changes in these are not that visible.

The buttocks have a good amount of subcutaneous fat, which is the layer of fat beneath the skin. This fat is also referred to as adipose tissue, and it is basically the layer right above the gluteal muscles. The buttocks need to have a healthy layer of this fat, because it is important when it comes to being able to sit comfortably for instance. This fat layer tends to be thicker in women due to hormones. The fat distribution around the region is then the determining factor when it comes to the shape and look of one’s butt. Finally, there is the skin which is the final layer that makes up the buttocks. It is right above the subcutaneous fat and is responsible for holding everything into place.

Being aware of butt anatomy is important for someone who wants to improve or change the appearance of his or her butt. The main ways to do this is to target the muscle components, and the fat. There are a number of butt enhancing surgeries that can change the fat distribution in the butt so as to help it improve its shape, as well as various exercises one can engage in for butt building. Building butt muscles is advantageous not only aesthetically but also from a health perspective.

Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

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